Overdue Fines

The fine for most overdue items is $0.10 per day, with a maximum fine per item of $10.00.

The following exceptions apply:

The fine for Explore Passes is $50.00 per day, with a maximum fine per item of $500.00

Use of card is blocked when fines reach $5.00. If at any time fines reach or exceed $5.00, the entire amount must be paid off before the card will be reactivated.

Replacement Costs

Damaged or lost library materials will be charged the list price as the replacement cost.

If an individual part of an item is lost or damaged, and a replacement part is available, charges will be based on the cost of the replacement part.

It is the responsibility of the patron to take care of all the materials checked out to them and/or their minor children. Should an item become damaged or does not play properly, please report the problem to the circulation desk.

Should damage be noted after an item is returned, the patron is responsible for the replacement charges.

Replacement of Lost or Stolen Card


Fee for Collection Agency

If a patron account is referred to collection, a $20.00 referral fee will be assessed and charged to the account.

Photocopy/Printing Charges

  • $0.10 per page for black and white
  • $0.50 per page for color

Milwaukee County Resident Card Fee

$75 per patron per year

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