The total number of checkouts allowed per card at any given time is 125.

Type of MaterialLoan PeriodRenewals
New Book3 weeks3
Regular Book/Paperback3 weeks3
Book on CD3 weeks3
CD3 weeks3
DVD & Blu-Ray (under 300 minutes long)1 week3
DVD & Blu-Ray (over 300 minutes long)3 weeks3
WiFi Hotspot1 week3
Playaway Device3 weeks3
Magazines or Comic Books3 weeks3
Book Club Kits6 weeks3
Kill A Watt EZ Power Meter1 week0
Explorer Pass3 days0

Reference materials cannot be checked out, but the library does have a photocopy machine you can use. It is the responsibility of the user to abide by all copyright laws.

Lucky Day Collection

The Lucky Day collection contains additional copies of some of the most popular items in the Library’s general collection. Lucky Day items are available on a first come, first served basis only. They may not be placed on hold or renewed. The items follow the regular loan period rules. The total number of checkouts from this collection allowed per card at any given time is two.


Most items can be renewed up to three times for the length of the original lending period.

Renewals can be done in person, by phone, or online. If the item is overdue at the time of the renewal, the overdue charge will be automatically added to the patron’s account. Items are renewed from the date of renewal, not from the original due date.  There is no grace period.

Items that may not be renewed are:

  • Items with holds
  • Items previously renewed three times
  • Items in the Lucky Day Collection
  • Items in the Library of Things (LoTs) Collection


There is a limit of 50 holds at any given time on a patron’s account. Holds may only be checked out on the card on which the hold was placed. No charge is incurred for holds.

Items can be placed on hold online, by telephone, or in person. When items are available for pickup, patrons will be notified by email, phone, text or postal mail based on the preferences selected. Preferences can be set by contacting the library or, or by logging into the account online. If an item is not claimed on or before the date designated on the notice, it will be offered to the next person on the hold list or returned to the shelf or owning library. Patrons can suspend or cancel a hold if they no longer need or will not have time for an item.

With the exception of Hotspots and Kill A Watt EZ Power meters, LoTs things may not be put on hold.

There are no holds on Lucky Day items.

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