Approved by the Library Board: August 18, 2010
Effective: August 18, 2010


In addition to its statutory functions, the Menomonee Falls Public Library is also an information center for the community. The Library provides educational, informational, civic, and cultural displays for the enjoyment of the community. The Library also displays informational materials at kiosks and specially designated areas. These displays are an extension of the Library’s role as information center for the community.

The primary purpose of the Library’s various display facilities is to increase public awareness of the Library’s resources. The Library provides these facilities for public and Library use. Exhibits or materials displayed using these facilities shall further one or more of the following purposes:

  • To call attention to a theme related to Library services, collections, or programs.
  • To bring together Library materials from several subject matters which relate to a theme of current interest.
  • To promote Library usage and enhance the Library experience to patrons.
  • To display collections and other items of artistic, historic, cultural, educational, and/or leisure interest.
  • To display original art contained in peer-reviewed exhibits sponsored by art guilds or similar groups
  • To display as part of school sponsored exhibits the original art of students attending primary and secondary schools in the Village of Menomonee Falls.
  • To provide information about Village of Menomonee Falls community groups engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual, or charitable activities.


The Library assumes no responsibility for theft, loss, damage or destruction of items or materials left for display. Irreplaceable items or items of great value should not be included in a display.

Each exhibitor or sponsoring group must sign an agreement to hold harmless and indemnify the Village of Menomonee Falls and the Menomonee Falls Public Library for any claims or damages arising out of the exhibit. The Library Director may require that the exhibitor provide proof of insurance in a form approved by the Village Attorney, demonstrating coverage the Library Director deems adequate to protect against the risks of such claims or damages, and may require that this coverage includes the Village of Menomonee Falls and the Menomonee Falls Public Library as additional insured parties.

Items left for display that are not claimed by the time designated for removal of the display shall be considered to be abandoned. Upon such abandonment, the exhibitor relinquishes all claims to the exhibit materials and the same may be discarded or sold at the Library Director’s discretion, with any proceeds to belong solely to the Library Board for Library purposes.


Authority of the Library Director

The Library Board of Trustees authorizes the Library Director to act in keeping with this policy and to execute its provisions on behalf of the Library.

The Library Director shall be responsible for the administration of this policy and to assure that Library use conforms to the mission of the Library. The Director may designate another library employee to administer this policy when the Director is not available.

The Library Director may promulgate reasonable rules to implement this policy and may draft appropriate forms and applications.

An exhibitor may appeal any determination or action of the Library Director related to Section III(B.3) under the appeal procedures in Section VII below.

Acceptance of Displays

Assuming the terms and conditions have been agreed upon and the Library Director finds no violation of this policy, artwork in sufficient quantity to constitute an exhibit will be accepted without judgment as to the artistic merit of the work. Single works do not constitute an exhibit.

The Library Director shall not consider or base determinations upon the exhibitor’s national origin, age, race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. Materials will not be proscribed because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval. The Library will not censor or remove a display, exhibit or item solely due to some members of the community disagreeing with its content.

The Library Director shall have the authority to impose reasonable conditions of approval or disapprove any application. Any applicant to display materials or an exhibit may appeal disapproval or a condition of approval under this policy to the Library Board under Section VII (B) of this policy.


Time, Place and Manner Limitations. The library is open to people of all ages. Children in particular are encouraged to attend and do attend the library at all times. Displays are openly visible to all library patrons, including children, to a substantially larger degree than other library books and media materials. The Library Director shall closely consider the time, place and manner of all displays, therefore, with this in mind, to ensure that displays are appropriate for all ages. All displays and displayed materials must not be obscene, or include obscene images or language, must not promote unlawful discrimination, must not be libelous, and must not defame character or invade privacy, or violate other applicable laws, as determined by the Library Director in consultation with the Village Attorney.

Adult-Oriented Prohibition. Displays which would require a license per Section 22-21 of the Village of Menomonee Falls Municipal Code (adult-oriented) are prohibited.

No Endorsement. The Library does not accept responsibility for ensuring that all points of view are represented in any single display. Granting of permission for displaying materials does not imply the Library’s endorsement of content; nor will the Library accept the responsibility for the accuracy of statements made in such materials. The fact that an organization or person is permitted the use of a Library display facilities does not in any way constitute an endorsement or approval by the Library of the aims, policies, viewpoints or activities of groups displaying materials or an exhibit, or the contents of the exhibit or materials; and no claim to that effect may be used in advertising.

No Sales. The sale of anything other than items that promote the mission or goals of the Library is prohibited. Library display space must not be used as a sales gallery. Exhibitors are encouraged to post a statement about themselves or their work as part of an exhibit. This statement may include contact information. However, price tags or posting of price lists or similar information are not permitted.

Limited to Library Purposes. The Library reserves the right to refuse display space to exhibits or materials that, in the opinion of the Library, do not further the purpose set out in Section I above. The Library also reserves the right to reject any part of an exhibit which does not fulfill the stated purpose of the public displays.

Restricted due to Past Violation. The Library Director is authorized to reject or remove a display when past use by such applicant has been in violation of this policy as determined by the Library Director.

Cancellation due to Violation. The Library reserves the right to cancel an exhibitor’s display if the display fails to meet the requirements of this policy. Failure to comply with the policy shall be determined by the Library Director. This determination may be appealed to the Library Board under Section VII(B) of this Policy.

Modifications. The Library reserves the right to change the manner of the display before the exhibit is set up. Any subsequent changes to the display must be approved by the Library Director.

Not Exclusive. Use by any person or entity other than the Library shall not be to the exclusion of Library uses. Library officials and staff may enter all display areas at any time for any purpose. The Library reserves the right to cancel an exhibitor’s display time when the conflicting needs of the Library require such action.


The display areas are used primarily for Library displays; Library-sponsored displays, such as those as the Friends of the Library or the Menomonee Falls Historical Society; or Village of Menomonee Falls or other government displays; and such uses shall take priority.

Displays by persons and entities other than those identified in Section IV(A) shall be restricted to non-profit organizations and individuals.

For use of a display case or a wall display, users must enter an approved agreement which includes the terms required by Section II (B), above. If the exhibitor is an individual, the person executing the agreement must be a Village of Menomonee Falls resident. If the exhibitor is an organization, the person executing the agreement must sign as an individual to be personally bound, and as a duly authorized agent of the organization to jointly and severally bind the organization.

Displays are made available to persons and entities identified in Section IV(B) on a “first come, first serve” basis. Reservations for a display to be presented at any time in a calendar year are accepted beginning when the library first opens in January of that year; except that reservations for January will be accepted beginning when the library first opens in the preceding December. Reservations are made by the execution of the approved agreement, if required, payment of such fees as may be established from time to time by the Library Board, and filing the same with the Library Director. The reservation is not confirmed until approved by the Library Director.

As part of a themed gallery exhibit or other displays throughout the building, items may be solicited by the Library staff. There is no stated or implied guarantee that items submitted in response to such a request will be displayed. Final decisions on which submissions to use are to be made by the Library staff. Artwork or other items submitted for display solicited by the Library are done at the owner’s risk. The Library accepts no liability for damage or theft, although great care will be taken when handling them, and every effort will be made to keep them safe.

No exhibits may be mounted by the public outside of exhibit areas identified or specified by the Library, as they may interfere with Library operations and public safety, and result in an appearance of clutter. Areas available to the public for display are:

  • Display cases in the lobby.
  • Walls designated by the Library Director and containing picture rails installed for display purposes.
  • Other areas designated by the Library Director that do not interfere with the operations of the Library.

Obligations of Exhibitors

Required Information

The name of the exhibitor and/or the sponsoring group must be displayed somewhere within the display. Each display must have a card (minimum 5’’x 7’’) indicating who prepared it and whom to contact for information, with a phone number. The display card shall also contain the following disclaimer: The use of exhibit space by any group or individual does not imply endorsement or approval by the Menomonee Falls Library, its Board of Trustees, or staff.

Each exhibitor and/or sponsoring group shall supply descriptive information regarding the purpose, title and ownership of the exhibit.

Each exhibitor and/or sponsoring group will supply a complete inventory of the exhibit(s) and, if possible, the claimed value of each item.

The exhibiting group or individual is responsible for the installation, arrangement, care, supervision, dismantling and removal of exhibits and displays.

  • All displays shall be set-up and removed on the assigned dates under the supervision of Library personnel
  • The exhibitor will supply all tools, equipment, supplies, and other materials needed for an exhibit.
  • Exhibitors shall be respectful of other users of the Library. Conversations and noice shall be kept to a minimum. Exhibits must be installed with all deliberate speed. Entrances and aisles shall not be obstructed.
  • Exhibitors shall not move any existing exhibit or Library materials during the installation of their exhibit, unless permission to do so has been specifically granted by the Library Director or the Director’s designee.
  • Individuals or groups using the Library’s exhibit spaces shall not install their works prior to the dates on which their space reservations begin. They shall not mount their artwork in a manner that defaces the space provided.
  • Groups or individuals using the exhibit areas are responsible for basic cleanup and return of the space to good order.

Damage to the premises, equipment, or furnishings as a result of exhibitor use will be charged to the individual or group responsible. The exhibitor or organization and its members, jointly or severally, assume and shall bear full responsibility for loss of, or injury or damage to, any property of the Library as shall be caused or inflicted by the using individual or organization.

The Library does not have space for the storage of property of exhibitors in the Library building. Therefore, exhibitors and/or sponsoring groups shall deliver and pick up display items on the dates established in advance. Insurance covering the value of the exhibit is the responsibility of the exhibitor or the sponsoring group. Prior to the display, the exhibitor and any sponsoring group will sign a disclaimer releasing the Library from all responsibility for the works displayed.

The size of the limited exhibit space should be taken into consideration when applying to display works of art, artisanship or craft. Displays must conform to space restrictions of assigned areas and be securely affixed to display surfaces.

All advertisements, announcements, press releases, flyers and the like related to displays and exhibits must clearly state that “this display is not sponsored by the Menomonee Falls Public Library.”

No modification of the Library display facilities shall be permitted as part of the installation of an exhibit.

Obligations of Individuals or Groups Displaying Informational Materials

Display Cases. Display cases are subject to all requirements of this policy and the following additional conditions apply.

  • Location
    • The library has a double row of display cases in the lobby hallway. The five lower cases measure 40’’ wide x 47’’ high. The five upper cases measure 40’’ wide x 36’’ high.
    • Five small wooden shelving units are available for use in the display cases.
  • Display cases are equipped with locks.
  • Duration
    • Displays run the calendar month.
    • Items must be removed by the last date of the month unless prior arrangements have been made for another date.


Kiosks are subject to all requirements of this policy, except that no agreement is required prior to posting at a kiosk and the following additional conditions apply.

  • Locations
    • There is one kiosk in the main lobby; and
    • One kiosk in the youth library
  • The kiosks are for community and library postings.
    • Postings must be of a non-commercial nature for non-profit groups, civic organizations, and government agencies.
    • Postings in the Youth Library should be of interest to children or families with children.
    • Due to limited space, priority will be given to local announcements.
    • Actual postings will be done by library staff only. Library staff will be responsible for removing outdated materials.
    • Postings can be no larger than 11’’x 17’’.
    • Materials will be displayed for a maximum of 30 days or until the day after the event, whichever is shorter.


  • Handouts are subject to all requirements of this policy, except that no agreement is required prior to displaying a handout and the following additional conditions apply.
    • Subject to this policy, the library counter in the lobby is available for community handouts. Handouts are prohibited at all other locations in the library, other than those prepared by or for the library’s own purposes.

Exceptions and limitations

  • A section of the library counter in the lobby is reserved for the Friends of the Library group and their handouts.
  • Due to lack of space, handouts shall be limited to general interest events, courses, lectures, government announcements, newsletters, club information, free local community oriented magazines and newspapers, school announcements, and senior resource directories that pertain particularly to the Village of Menomonee Falls and patrons of the Menomonee Falls Public Library.
  • Handouts will be given to library staff for display.
  • The library will decide how long items will be available depending on the volume of incoming material. Library staff will then discard any remaining handouts.
  • No group will be allowed to have its material posted indefinitely.

Complaint and Appeal Procedures


  • Individuals with complaints or concerns about particular displays are encouraged to contact the exhibitor or sponsoring group. The Library staff may provide contact information of the exhibitor or sponsoring group to the complaining/ concerned individual.
  • Individuals who have a complaint concerning or an objection to a particular display may file a complaint with the Library Director.
    • All complaints must be in writing, must identify the complainant by name and include the address and phone number, and should be addressed to the Library Director at W156 N8436 Pilgrim Road, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, 53051. No electronic transmissions will be accepted or considered.
    • If a complaint is made concerning or objecting to a particular display, the Library Director may send a copy of this complaint or objection to the exhibitor/sponsoring group.
  • The Library Director will respond in writing within a reasonable time to any complaint.

A person filing a complaint may appeal the response of the Library Director to the Library Board under Section VII(B) below.


Appeals must be made in writing and filed with the Library Director.

The Library Director will then submit the matter to the Library Board of Trustees.

The Library Board shall consider the appeal at a duly noticed meeting. The complainant and the Library Director shall be given reasonable notice of such meeting. If the Library Board determines that a hearing is necessary due to disputed factual issues, the Library Board may conduct the hearing directly or may appoint a committee of not less than three members of the Library Board to conduct the hearing and to make a recommendation to the full Library Board. The complainant and Library Director shall be notified of any such hearing date and shall have an opportunity to speak and present evidence at such hearing. If there are no disputed factual issues the Library Board may make its determination without hearing. The Library Board shall have the authority to approve, deny, or conditionally approve any issue arising in the appeal. The Library Board shall also have all of the power and authority granted by this policy to the Library Director, in its determination of an appeal. The complainant and Library Director shall be notified of the Library Board’s determination. The determination made by the Library Board under this section shall be final.