Approved by the Library Board: June 2007
Revised by the Library Board: October 8, 2014
Effective: October 8, 2014

In the event that a regular monthly Library Board meeting is canceled due to lack of quorum or other reason such as a major snowstorm, or that a regular monthly meeting is not scheduled due to lack of agenda items, the Library Board agrees that all regular and recurring bills (see list) may be paid without prior approval and that said bills will be presented at the next regularly scheduled Library Board meeting for ratification.

Regular and recurring bills are:

  • Bills from publishers and distributors for books, AV, and other library materials that are usual and ongoing purchases
  • Invoices for magazine and serial subscriptions
  • Invoices for ongoing maintenance or lease agreements on office equipment, whether monthly, quarterly, or annually
  • Annual invoice for automated system maintenance and support and for cataloging (Innovative, WILS for OCLC)
  • Invoices for usual office and materials processing supplies
  • Invoices related to Capital Budget items for purchases previously approved by the Board
  • Any invoice for a service, equipment, repair, etc. which purchase had been previously approved by the Board
  • Invoices for  usual custodial supplies or tools, paper or printing supplies
  • Invoices for maintenance contracts or lease payments for building operations (e.g. elevator maintenance payments)
  • Invoices for usual or recurring building maintenance costs or purchases