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Postings and Exhibits Policy

Chapter: Administrative
Policy Number: 5.01
Original Effective Date: 8/18/10

Revision History: 2/2/21, 10/20/21

Menomonee Falls Public Library offers a limited amount of display space in the library for groups and individuals in the community that want to educate, inform, or engage the community. Display areas are not intended for forums for public speech and expression, but rather are intended to complement the Library’s educational mission and enhance the public’s experience of the Library.


All postings and handouts must be given to Library staff for display on the public kiosks. There are two kiosks in the building: Public Job Board and Public Event Board.  The Public Handout case in the Lobby is not actively monitored by Library Staff.  Notices are subject to the following priorities and guidelines:

  1. Programs co-sponsored by the Library
  2. Programs sponsored by the Village of Menomonee Falls or other tax-supported agencies.
  3. Programs of a cultural, recreational, educational or community service nature sponsored by non-profit organizations.
  4. Programs of a cultural, recreational, educational, or community service nature sponsored by for-profit organizations.
  5. Job postings by businesses located in Menomonee Falls and the surrounding areas.

The Library will decide how long items will be available depending on the volume of incoming material. Postings can be no larger than 11” x 17”. Postings and publications distributed are not endorsed by the Library and the Library assumes no responsibility or liability for the content of the publications.

Exhibit Spaces

Exhibit spaces are available to non-profit organizations and individuals.

  1. Application for exhibits is made on a first-come, first-served basis. Library displays and Library-sponsored displays, such as those of the Menomonee Falls Library Friends, the Menomonee Falls Historical Society, local government or educational displays shall take priority. Applicants must submit an Exhibit and Display Application/Agreement at least one month prior to the proposed exhibit.
  2. The Library Director or designee must approve all materials for display or exhibit.  The individual or organization responsible must provide background information at the time the application is submitted. Exhibits by commercial entities may be permitted only with prior approval of the Library Director.
  3. Exhibits and displays must be informational and or/cultural in nature; the materials of the exhibits and displays must meet what is generally known as “the standard acceptable to the community.” Partisan political, religious, and commercial materials are not permitted. As the Library endeavors to present a broad spectrum of ideas and variety of viewpoints, material exhibited does not necessarily represent the view or imply the endorsement of the Library Trustees, administration, or staff. The Library reserves the right to reject any part of an exhibit or display.
  4. All items exhibited are done so at the owner’s risk. The Library assumes no responsibility for security against theft or damage of any displayed material. The exhibitor assumes the risk of loss or damage to materials exhibited, as no insurance is provided by the Library.
  5. Exhibits must have a title poster announcing the topic and the sponsoring individual or group. Additional explanatory material, labels, programs, and handouts require approval by the director/designee. Admission fees, price lists and sales information are not permitted. The use of special lighting, A/V material or electronic media must be noted on the application and approved by the director/designee.
  6. Exhibit space is available for no more than one calendar month. In consultation with the Director/designee you will set times for exhibit/display installation and removal in advance.
  7. Exhibitors are responsible for properly displaying their items on the art rails located around the building. The use of thumbtacks, nails, tape or other adhesives is prohibited. The exhibitor is responsible for any damage to Library property. The exhibitor assumes responsibility for installing and labeling the exhibit, removing the exhibit promptly when required, and gives the Library the right to remove exhibit materials at any time for any reason. Exhibit materials are deemed abandoned if not claimed when required.
  8. Any reception or related activity must be scheduled at the time of application.
  9. The exhibitor or a responsible party representing the exhibitor must sign the application form and assume responsibility for compliance with this policy. The Library reserves the right to remove an exhibit or part of an exhibit if it interferes with the normal operation of the Library.
  10. Exhibitors understand that photographs featuring any exhibited work may be posted on the Library’s social media, websites, on digital signage, videos, or in print form or other mediums.

Exhibit and Display Areas

  • Wall Space
  • Main Level Lobby
  • Main Level Vestibule (must be secured from elements)
  • Second Floor near information desk
  • Other space may be available at the discretion of the Library Director