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Featured New Releases

The Nesting Dolls book cover

The Nesting Dolls by Alina Adams

Spanning nearly a century, from 1930s Siberia to contemporary Brighton Beach, a page turning, epic family saga centering on three generations of women in one Russian Jewish family—each striving to break free of fate and history, each yearning for love and personal fulfillment—and how the consequences of their choices ripple through time.

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The Ultimate Betrayal book cover

The Ultimate Betrayal by Kat Martin

When journalist Jessie Kegan’s father is accused of espionage and treason, Jessie has no doubt the man she looked up to her entire life is innocent. Worse yet, before Colonel Kegan can stand trial, he’s found dead of a heart attack…but Jessie knows it was murder. But going after the truth means Jessie soon finds herself in the crosshairs of a killer who wants that truth to stay buried with her father.

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Tea and Treachery book cover

Tea & Treachery by Vicki Delany

New Series! Lily Roberts, a New York City expat-turned-Cape Cod tea shop owner, must solve the murder of a local real estate developer to help her grandmother out of a jam.

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Hate Crush book cover

Hate Crush by Angelina M. Lopez

Ten years ago, wild child Princesa Sofia Maria Isabel de Esperanza y Santos fell in fast crazy love with heartbreaker Aish Salinger during one California harvest season. Now, all grown up and with the future of her kingdom on her shoulders, she hates him as passionately as she once loved him. Even if her body hasn’t gotten the hate memo.

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The Relentless Moon book cover

The Relentless Moon by Mary Robinette Kowal

Astronauts Elma York, Nicole Wargin and Myrtle Lindholm continue to forge new paths for women astronauts as they work to achieve the International Aerospace Coalition’s goal of getting as many people as possible off Earth before it becomes inhabitable.

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Action Park book cover

Action Park: Fast Times, Wild Rides, and the Untold Story of America’s Most Dangerous Amusement Park by Andy Mulvihill

The outlandish, hilarious, terrifying, and almost impossible-to-believe story of the legendary, dangerous amusement park where millions were entertained and almost as many bruises were sustained, told through the eyes of the founder’s son.

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