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You’re running out of time to try a new book this year! Here’s a helpful list of new books available from your Library.

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Featured New Releases

The Paris Secret by Natasha Lester

Fashion conservator Kat Jourdan discovers a priceless collection of Dior gowns in her grandmother’s vacant cottage in Cornwall. As she delves into the mystery of their origin, Kat begins to doubt everything she thought she knew about her beloved grandmother and finds a heartbreaking story of wartime friendship, love, and sacrifice.

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The Lady Brewer of London by Karen Brooks

In 1405, the daughter of a wealthy merchant, Anneke Sheldrake, suddenly finds her family bankrupt when her father’s ship is swept away at sea. Forced to find a way to provide for herself and her siblings, Anneke returns to her late mother’s family business: brewing ale. Determined to reclaim her livelihood, she vows to not let anyone stand in the way of her forging her own destiny.

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One of Our Own by Jane Haddam

Gregor Demarkian, former FBI agent and consultant, is ready to retire. But he is pulled in once again, for a final case, to uncover the truth about a surprising murder and an attempted murder, which threaten the safety of his Philadelphia neighborhood.

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Nophek Gloss by Essa Hansen

Caiden’s planet is destroyed. His only hope for survival is a crew of misfit aliens and a mysterious ship that seems to have a soul and a universe of its own. He vows to do anything it takes to get revenge on the slavers who took away his home, or die trying.

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American Contagions: Epidemics and the Law from Smallpox to COVID-19 by John Fabian Witt

From yellow fever to smallpox to polio to AIDS to COVID-19, epidemics have prompted Americans to make choices and answer questions about their basic values and their laws. Five concise chapters trace the legal history of epidemics, showing how infectious disease has both shaped, and been shaped by, the law.

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Murder of Innocence: True Crime Thrillers by James Patterson

One book, two true-crime thrillers. Murder of Innocence: it takes a global effort to capture a serial predator. A Murderous Affair: a rookie FBI agent, who is on his first assignment in a remote part of Kentucky, is set up by his informant.

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