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Do you need help creating a resume?

one person helping another person on with a laptop

Looking for a fresh start, a new career, or a rewarding position at a great company?  These opportunities are out there waiting for you and the key getting into that open door is a stand-out resume.  To help get you started, Menomonee Falls Public Library is now offering Cypress Resume, an online tool that helps you easily create professional-looking resumes in just a few minutes with little-to-no help, regardless of your computer or writing skills.  It’s easy to use while still creating professional, attention grabbing resumes that potential employers are looking for.

Don’t wait!  Try it out for yourself today!  Make that dream job yours!

A Quick Guide to Using Cypress Resume

Cypress Resume is a free online resume and cover letter builder that you can access inside the Library, or at home with your library card. Create a professional looking resume in just three steps. You can write cover letters and references with Cypress Resume too.

All resumes and cover letters created with Cypress are downloadable into Microsoft Word.

Give Cypress Resume a try, and let us know what you think. Librarians are ready to assist if you need help.

How to Access Cypress Resume

Access Cypress Resume here, or find it on the Digital Resources page of the Library’s website.  You will be asked for your library card information if you are not accessing Cypress Resume from inside the Library.

Getting Started

To create a resume, click the Create Your Resume: Get Started with Step 1 Box:

Get started

Choose ONE of the following options, either Strictly Business or Editor’s Choice.  The More Info link provides further information on each option.

Resume Style

Creating the Resume

Your resume has three basic components. Complete each component before continuing to the next.

  1. Basic info (name, phone, etc.)
  2. Job title
  3. Job skills 

Step 1: Basic Info

Enter your name and contact information. An(*) donates a field that MUST be filled out before moving on to next section

Name and Contact Information

Click the Next Section button at lower right corner of the page after you have filled out the required information within each section.

Next Section

Fill out Employment History, Educational History and Certificates, Certifications, and Training sections

Employment History
Education History

Step 2: Job Title

Locate the title of your desired job or skill. Once you’ve found it, you’ll need to review a job description to verify that it’s what you had in mind. 

There are three ways to search:  

  1. Quick Search (type a job title in the search box)
  2. Browse by industry
  3. Browse by job title
Job title search

Once you have found a job title that works for you, review the various descriptions for that title and select the closest one.

job descriptions

Step 3: Job Skills

Choose from a collection of concise and professional job statements to describe your skills. 

There are three sections: in this step:

  • Professional Profile Statement
  • Software and Tools
  • Skills and Abilities 

Select the number of statements recommended by the prompts in each section. Choose statements that you feel best reflect your mix of talent and experience.

  • Browse the various statements by clicking the More>> button
  • Edit the provided text and click Save and Use

You have the option to add Good, Excellent, or Outstanding before each skill you select.

The Finished Product

Preview your resume, or download it in Rich Text Format. You can use Microsoft Word to edit your resume.

Cypress Resume is a great starting point, or if you just need a quick resume. The finished product and some of the specific wording will likely need some tweaking. 

Strictly Business finished resume
Editor’s Choice finished resume

Cover Letters and References

Create cover letters and references with Cypress Resume. Download cover letters and references in Rich Text Format, and edit them with Microsoft Word.

Additional Info about Cypress Resume

Create a free account to store resumes and cover letters, or use the platform as a guest. Always save resumes and cover letters created with Cypress to a USB drive, Google Drive, email attachment, etc, if possible.

Cypress Resume is a great tool for creating a basic resume, but you can also use it to explore skill statements related to various job titles. Cutting and pasting from a couple of different resumes and tweaking the platform’s language will end up with an even better final product.