Apr 252018

Pay it Forward to make someone’s day!

Pay it Forward logoMAY 1 – 31, 2018

The Library is giving patrons the opportunity to pay it forward. This popular movement made famous by Catherine Ryan Hyde’s book, and later movie, gives patrons the opportunity to spread their generosity by paying it forward.

How does it work?

Pay it Forward: Instead of saying “keep the change” after you pay a fine of your own, say “pay it forward.” Staff will then write the amount on a note and display it at the circulation desk to be used by your fellow patrons.

Donation: Visit the Library’s Circulation desk during regular hours and donate any amount, from 1 cent to $100. Staff will do the same as above and post the note with the amount at the circulation desk.

Now, let’s say a patron visiting later that afternoon has a $5.00 fine and is blocked from checking out. We can use an amount posted to pay off enough of their fine to allow them to check out again. These pay it forward amounts can be used on Menomonee Falls fines only.

We hope you will help make someone’s day. This is a great opportunity to clear up library accounts before the summer reading program begins June 1st. This program will pay it forward until all your generous donations are used.

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