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Step Up for Your Library!

Libraries Step Up

Tell your state or local elected officials why you’re thankful for your Library! Speaking up for your libraries makes a powerful difference in your community!

Five Steps to Speak Up

Step 1: Pick up a postcard at the Library to send to your elected official(s). You can also write them an email. 

Step 2: Find the contact information for your elected official(s). We suggest sending one to your state senator, state representative, and/or village trustees.

Step 3: Write a few sentences in the postcard or email about why you’re thankful for your library.

Step 4: Include your name, address, and Menomonee Falls Public Library so your official knows who it’s from.

Step 5: Send your postcard or email to your elected officials.

Not sure what to write?

“I am thankful for my library because…” or “The library helped me in 2021 by…” are great ways to start. Even one sentence makes a difference!

Questions? Need additional help? Contact us anytime. Thank you!