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What’s All the Hoopla About?

Imagine that you are traveling for business.  After a long day of meetings, you finally arrive at your hotel. You unlock the door, unpack your bags, kick off your shoes, and hop on the queen-sized bed and then you think…  Oh no!  You totally forgot to pack a book!!  How on earth are you ever going to entertain yourself through the week?!?   Suddenly a critical memory begins to form. You remember that you are a member of Menomonee Falls Public Library.  And that means you’re able to access Hoopla, the groundbreaking digital media streaming service offered to you, the patron, for FREE!  Like, totally free!

“But…Joe, although this service sounds cool, books just aren’t really my jam.  I am more into the visual arts.  Movies and TV are the things I like to see.”  No sweat.  Hoopla has got you covered in that department as well with over 6,000 movies and TV shows.  Whether its huge Hollywood blockbusters or small-budget indie darlings, Hoopla has selections from every type of era and genre that you could ever possibly think of.

Like music?  Whether you’re a fan of pop, rock, country, rap, glitch hop, medieval chamber, or even folktronica, you will have a blast virtually crate digging through the over 300,000 album choices available to you through a simple click of a mouse.  Enjoy audiobooks?  They got those too.  Hoopla has teamed up with publishers such as Blackstone Audio, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster Audio to bring you hundreds of thousands of titles to choose from.  The choices are nearly endless with new content and bonus borrows being added every month. 

Basically, it’s like Netflix on steroids. Check it out TODAY!

Interested?  Check out a few select titles below:


What We Do in the Shadows (2015)

The film that inspired the hit television show! Vampire housemates try to cope with the complexities of modern life and show a newly turned hipster some of the perks of being undead.

Laugh out loud to this hilariously silly mockumentary!

Driveways (2020)

A lonesome boy accompanies his mother on a trip to clean out his late aunt’s house, and ends up forming an unexpected friendship with the retiree who lives next door. 

Grab the nearest box of tissues and have yourself a cathartic cry as you take in this simple story of human connection.


The Office (UK Version)

Workplace cringe comedy at its finest.  If you’re a fan of Michael Scott, there is a good chance you’ll love the antics of the United Kingdom’s worst boss, David Brent. A petty, pompous man who thinks he’s the funniest, most popular person in the world, this is the iconic role that made comedian Ricky Gervais an international star.

Laugh while wincing!

The Civil War

This award-winning documentary by Ken Burns, chronicles the people and events of the bloodiest conflict in US history. The Civil War broke new ground by blending archival photographs, unique cinematography, music, narration, and a chorus of voices to animate the key figures of the time. The addition of notable experts on the subject created not only an accurate and exhaustive historical document – but also a riveting emotional journey through one of America’s darkest and most pivotal times.

Take a step back in time!


Red (Taylor’s Version) by Taylor Swift (2001)

Taylor Swift’s masterpiece, now bigger and better. The new recording of Taylor Swift’s fourth studio album features nine previously unreleased songs that include guest appearances from Phoebe Bridgers, Ed Sheeran, and Chris Stapleton.

I don’t know about you, but this makes my ears feel 22 again!

Rumors by Fleetwood Mac (1977)

Fun Fact: This 11th album from Fleetwood Mac has landed on every single “best of” list ever created, by literally any publication.  Now that statement might be false, but it certainly can’t be by much.  Roll down the windows and turn up the volume to this high-water mark of America’s Seventies rock-culture!


Her Hidden Genius by Marie Benedict (2022)

Marie Benedict’s powerful new novel shines a light on a woman who sacrificed her life to discover the nature of our very DNA, a woman whose world-changing contributions were hidden by the men around her but whose relentless drive advanced our understanding of humankind.  Find out who Rosalind Franklin was and why she deserves to be placed with her peers as one of the 20th century’s greatest scientific minds.

Death Stalks Door County by Patricia Skalka (2016)

Six deaths mar the holiday mood as summer vacationers enjoy Wisconsin’s beautiful Door County peninsula. Murders or bizarre accidents? Newly hired park ranger Dave Cubiak, a former Chicago homicide detective, assumes the worst but refuses to get involved. Grief-stricken and guilt-ridden over the loss of his wife and daughter, he’s had enough of death. Forced to confront the past, the morose Cubiak moves beyond his own heartache and starts investigating, even as a popular festival draws more people into possible danger. In a desperate search for clues, Cubiak uncovers a tangled web of greed, betrayal, bitter rivalries, and lost love beneath the peninsula’s travel-brochure veneer.

Check out this killer homegrown mystery!


Hoopla is proud to introduce a brand new instant borrowing option, the BingePass!

BingePass allows you to explore unlimited access to great online content – with a single borrow! 

Check out this short video for more information on how BingePass works:

Current BingePass options include:

Curiosity Stream

Watch high-quality and engaging documentaries and nonfiction series from the Curiosity Stream BingePass. Use one borrow to access an ever-growing collection of award-winning original and curated factual films, shows, and series covering science, nature, travel, history, technology, and more. Curiosity Stream’s curated collections help you discover more about your favorite topics. With the Curiosity Stream BingePass, there is always something new to learn!

The Great Courses: Library Collection

The Great Courses Library Collection BingePass allows for access to hundreds of Great Courses’ most popular courses. Use one borrow to access one or multiple courses – whatever you choose. Each course is broken into multiple easy-to-watch video lessons so you can choose how much you want to learn at a time from a wide a range of topics, from Art to Zoology. With The Great Courses, there’s never any homework, tests, or pressure – just in-depth instruction from some of the world’s greatest professors.

Hoopla Magazines

Read current issues of 50+ popular and in-demand magazines with the hoopla Magazines BingePass. From health to home décor, business to baking or anything in between, there’s a magazine you’ll love. With a reading experience designed specifically for digital use, it’s easy to read hoopla Magazines on a mobile device or your computer, and you can even listen to the articles!