IRS 1040 and W-9 U.S. Tax Forms with smile binder clips, pen and clips

Tax Form Season is here!

I don’t know if you know this, but tax form season is upon us. Much like Black Friday for retail (and we have strong opinions about Black Friday around here), tax form season is that special time of year for everyone to stampede on down to their local library in search of tax forms.

We know you are anxious to get started on your taxes, and want to know when we will have copies of the forms you need.

Alas, we really can’t answer that. We ordered forms months ago, but they never tell us exactly when they’ll arrive.

Some of the forms are here now, and depending on when you read this, may have everything that we’re going to get. Or we’ll have run out of all the cool forms, and only a stack of lonely 8842s will remain.

But if we don’t have what you need, or if you need those forms as soon as possible, keep reading.

Also, AARP will be helping folks with their taxes at the Library this year, but appointments fill up very quickly. In fact, they may be all full up by the time you’re reading this. Call Menomonee Falls CE & Rec at 262-255-8460 for more information.

How do I get the tax forms I need?

Come on down to the Library! If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, we can print off whatever you need.

But if you’re more of the DIY type, here are some options.

For State Tax forms

Find Wisconsin State tax forms here. You can download and print your forms from the comfort of your own home, or on the computers at your Library.

To get Wisconsin tax forms sent to your home, call 608-266-1961, or email, or write to:

Forms Request Office
Wisconsin Department of Revenue
PO Box 8949
Madison, WI 53708-8949

For Federal Tax forms

Find Federal tax forms here. You can download and print your forms at home or on the computers at your Library.

To get copies of federal tax forms sent to your home, call 800-829-3676 or order federal forms online.

How do I get assistance preparing my taxes?

If your household has an income of $54,884 or less, you qualify for VITA free tax preparation assistance. Please Call La Casa de Esperanza for assistance. By appointment only.

La Casa de Esperanza
(Services available in Spanish)
202 E. Broadway, Waukesha
By Appointment Only

There are also many options for free online filing depending on your income levels. For more information visit:

AARP does have a tax assistance program in Menomonee Falls facilitated by the Community Education and Recreation department each year, but spots fill up very quickly in the beginning of January. Watch for the CE and Rec winter newsletter next year for information on getting your spot in 2023.

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