Jan 032018

Do you need help with your laptop, tablet, smartphone or other small electronic device? Are you considering a new purchase and looking for a few things to consider beforehand? If so, maybe we can help!

Appointments recommended but not required. Call 262-532-8920 or visit the Adult Information Desk to schedule an appointment.

Tech Help flyer that says "Your kids got you that newfangled gadget...but they didn't teach you how to use it, did they? Ask about Tech Help at the 2nd Floor Information Desk."

  9 Responses to “Tech Help”

  1. How much would it cost for the laptop repair? Thanks!

  2. Do you have any Telikin computers for seniors?

  3. what is the cost?

  4. Is help available for using my Google Chromebook? I have the basics down, but still a little confused about what it can and can’t do.So many things don’t seem compatible with it. Thanks!

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