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Teen Library Council

What is Teen Library Council?

The TLC is a group of teen volunteers who promote and create teen programming and services at the Library. Activities, under the guidance of the Teen Services Coordinator, include:

  • Advise, plan, and implement teen programs
  • Write articles or reviews for the teen webpage, social media accounts, and newsletter
  • Recommend books, movies, CDs, and magazines for the collection
  • Assist in creating an inviting teen space in the Library

The goal of TLC is to provide leadership and volunteer experience to positive, responsible, and energetic teens (ages 13 – 18). We wish to strengthen the Library’s ties to teens in the community by using their knowledge and creativity to create programs and further expand our collection.

Why should you join the TLC?

  • You will have a say in programs hosted and materials purchased at Menomonee Falls Public Library
  • You will have something creative and fun to do
  • You have an opportunity to make the Library a better place for teens
  • Community service looks good on those college and job applications
  • There’s usually food!

Application and Active Status Qualifications

  • Must be 13 – 18 years of age
  • Must be willing to commit to one meeting per month
  • Must enjoy working in a team environment and promoting community

Teen Library Council Guidelines

  • Sign in and out of meetings to record volunteer hours
  • Participate fully
  • Respect the staff, each other, and the library
  • Attend meetings. There are two meetings a month. One on a Thursday afternoon and one on a Saturday morning, you must attend at least one meeting a month. After four unexcused absences, a TLC member will lose their position and must reapply for membership
  • Attend as many teen programs as possible and help with the setup and cleanup.
  • Be a responsible library user and a role model at TLC and other library functions; act in a way that reflects positively on Menomonee Falls Public Library
  • Be an advocate. Promote reading, library use, and the community

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