May 152019

Sponsored by MK Protection Strategies
Monday, June 10, 4:00 – 8:00 PM

MK Protection Strategies~located in downtown Menomonee Falls will be sponsoring a free concealed carry class to a maximum of 40 participants at the Menomonee Falls Public Library. PLEASE DO NOT BRING FIREARMS TO CLASS. Wisconsin does not require live fire to apply for this license. However, range lessons and beginner classes are strongly encouraged and available with MK Protection Strategies.

This class qualifies as training to apply for a concealed carry license through the Wisconsin Department of Justice. The application fee for this license is $40 and will be completed by participants on their own via mail or online. The application process will be explained in class. Must be 21 years old to apply. The license application will be processed in 21 days or less by the DOJ. This class is a $75 value per person. All participants will receive a training course certificate during class to send in with their CCW application.

What to expect from the class:

  1. Firearm safety rules
  2. Safe firearm and ammunition use, handling, transport, and storage
  3. Legally permissible possession, transportation, and use of firearms, including use of deadly force
  4. Techniques for avoiding and controlling violent confrontations.

Contact Malissa at 414-795-5598 or with questions or for more information.

Visit to register. Registration is required.

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