The Maude Shunk Local History Room hosts a collection of historical materials from the Menomonee Falls area. Among the collections are photographs of the area, local church histories and cemetery listings, local histories about Menomonee Falls, Southwest Wisconsin and Milwaukee. There are genealogical materials available such as family trees, indexes and publications local to Menomonee Falls. The local history room also has copies of the Menomonee Falls High School Yearbooks. To see a list of our entire local history collection, visit our catalog.

The room is divided into sections:

  • The Falls Collection is a non-circulating collection comprised of:
    • Published non-fiction books and videos/DVDs represented include: history and historiography of Menomonee Falls; select materials from Waukesha County, Milwaukee County, and the state of Wisconsin that includes information about Menomonee Falls; geography and ecology of the state; local history of area communities; governance and development of Menomonee Falls; local publishing imprints, and biographies of those instrumental in shaping the Village of Menomonee Falls and connected communities.
    • Fiction section includes a selection of books by local authors.
  • The Maude Shunk Collection is a non-circulating collection that includes records that reflect the social, economic, and political development of Menomonee Falls and surrounding communities including but not limited to:
    • Items may be unique, including but not limited to: photographs, scrapbooks, ledgers, manuscripts, select organization minutes; or may be copies of important information found in another repositories that is not easily accessible.
    • In general, museum objects (with or without provenance) are not collected.
    • Some of the materials in this collection were donated to the Menomonee Falls Historical Society. The library has been asked to be the caretaker of these materials.

Local History Room Hours and Access

The Maude Shunk History Room is open for supervised use during the room’s open hours or by appointment during normal library hours. The reading room is wheelchair accessible.

First Wednesday of the month from 6:30-8:00 PM

For use at any other time, please call ahead to make an appointment. We want to be sure we have staff available to assist you. Please call 262-532-8920 to make an appointment or email

General guidelines for researchers using the Maude Shunk Local History Room:

Room Access Policy

  • Only pencils may be used in the room. NO pens, markers, highlighters, or other writing utensils are allowed.
  • Computers or tablets, digital cameras, and research notes may be used.
  • Staff will assist users with scanning or photocopying of any materials. The user will be responsible for photocopy fees as set by the library.
  • Only one (1) item/box is allowed at the research table at any time.
  • Users do not need a Library Card to access the room.
  • Users under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult who remains with the child for the entire research process.
  • Only Library Staff or approved Library Volunteers will be allowed access to the storage area that holds the Maude Shunk Collection.

Genealogy Programs

The Library hosts informational genealogy programs on a regular basis. To see a list of our upcoming events, visit our Generations – Falls Genealogy Group page.

Select Genealogy and History Resources

The following lists of resources were compiled by our Business Manager, Ellen Rohr. She is also a genealogist and teaches classes at the library. She is able to provide genealogy help on a limited basis. If you have a question she can help you with you can phone 262-532-8930 or email

Major Resources

Other Websites with Digital Collections



Photos and Family Trees (besides Ancestry and FamilySearch)

Indexes/Catalogs/Linking Sites


Social Media (Blogs, Facebook, Twitter)

  • Check social media for Fold3, and