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Take a breather in our new Quiet Room

multi-sensory wall activity

The Quiet Room

We are pleased to introduce our new multi-purpose Quiet Room, located in the Children’s Department. Formerly known as the Mother’s Room, this space has been redesigned to function as both a sensory room and a family space.

The Quiet Room can be used by families with children who are feeling overwhelmed and need a sensory break. The small room features calming blue paint and light filters that reduce the glare and flicker of fluorescent lights, creating a calm blue hue.

What is in the Quiet Room?

  • Giant Bean Bag
    Allows for both soft seating and a place to stretch out and lay down.
  • Soft Padded Glider/Rocking Chair
    Used for slow rhythmic rocking which can be calming.
  • Wiggle Cushion
    Helpful for children who have a lot of wiggles. The small raised bumps provide extra tactile support. For use on the floor or in a chair.
  • Multi-Sensory Wall Activities
    Calm anxiety and restore focus by directing energy to the activities on the wall.
  • Bubble Tube
    Filled with water the bubble tube has bubbles that create shifting patterns of light and provides a white noise sound.
  • Weighted Lap Pad
    Placed over your lap this sensory tool can help restore calm and focus. (For 3 years and up)

The Quiet Room also has a diaper changing station, and families are welcome to use the glider for feeding.

The Quiet Room is available for use during regular Library hours. Be sure to check it out the next time you visit the Library.