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The library now offers Mobile Printing. Use your personal computer or mobile device to print to the library’s printers from anywhere. Simply submit documents for printing and come to the library to release and pick up your document. Click here for instructions, or ask for assistance at the library.

Crafters needed!Do you enjoy working on simple crafts?
Do you have some free time on your hands?
Do you love volunteering?

The Menomonee Falls Public Library’s Youth Department is looking for people like you to help prep crafts for their children’s programs. The crafts come with simple-to-follow instructions. You can work on them at the library or even at home!

If this fun activity is something you’d like to try, please contact:
Milena Warnes
Outreach/Volunteer Coordinator

Are you going to be attending college next fall? Do you need help negotiating the financial aid process?

College Goal Wisconsin is a free program that guides students and their parents/guardians in completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The nearest event will be held on Saturday, February 20, at 10:00 AM, at the UW-Waukesha Commons Building, located at 1500 N. University Drive in Waukesha.

Attendees will also have a chance to enter to win a scholarship.

More information is available at www.collegegoalwi.org


For many students, writing a research paper can be a challenge, especially if they are unsure of which topic to select. Explora™, EBSCO’s engaging interface for schools and public libraries, aims to simplify the research process by enabling students to search across all of your library’s EBSCO databases at once using a single search box. Students can also browse content in Explora by category to get research ideas.

Explora for Elementary Schools
Explora for Middle and High Schools
Explora for Everyone

I love people and reading has always been important to me. Just the thought of not being able to get to the library to get materials brought the thought “that could happen to me some day” and I knew that I wanted to and could help out—and I am glad that I am helping out.

Having a homebound couple in their 90’s has shown me that you can still be reading at that age and be pleasant to people–even with health issues–and they are so grateful for this service.

I talk to a lot of people who read or have elderly parents, and when I tell them of this service, they are surprised and have not heard of anything like this, and some say they are going to look into it at their library–so thank you Menomonee Falls Library!

The Menomonee Falls Public Library utilizes volunteers for a variety of purposes. If you’re interested in volunteering at the library, please call (262) 532-8918 to speak with our Volunteer Coordinator, Milena Warnes.