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You read an astonishing 826,707 minutes this summer

Summer Library Challenge Recap

Another summer is in the books! We’d just like to say thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to everyone who won a prize. We’d also like say thank you to all of our sponsors who made this year’s Summer Library Program possible.

How’d you do? Well, you read an astonishing 826,707 minutes, which is an increase of 56% over last year! Over 1,200 of you registered for the program, and 34% of you completed it. We gave out a bunch of prizes and hopefully helped your kids get back to school ready to go!

SLP infograph
Check out the infographic!

Let’s take a look at this year’s stats (2020 in parenthesis)


We challenged kids to read 800 minutes to complete this year’s challenge. We were blown away when 79 kids blew past the goal and read 1200+ minutes!

  • Registrations: 816 (506)
  • Completions: 278 (145)
  • Minutes Logged: 418,967 (261,690)


We challenged teens to read at least 1,200 minutes.

  • Registrations: 156 (82)
  • Completions: 54 (21)
  • Minutes Logged: 136,387 (67,706)


We challenged adults to read at least 1,440 minutes.

  • Registrations: 248 (198)
  • Completions: 79 (70)
  • Minutes Logged: 271,353 (199,025) 

You did a tremendous job. Thank you for making this year’s SLP a huge success!

Next summer is a long way away, but we already have a challenge for you. Do you think we can read 1,000,000 minutes next year?

Thank you once again to our amazing sponsors!

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