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Unscheduled Closings Policy

Chapter: Administrative
Policy Number: 5.03
Original Effective Date:
Revision History: 8/19/20, 10/20/21

Menomonee Falls Public Library will remain open as a full-service Library during all regularly scheduled hours unless conditions warrant closing or providing limited services.

Conditions Warranting Closure

The Library may close due to failure of heating/cooling equipment, electrical power outage that impairs clear visibility or the ability to provide basic services, inclement weather, lack of water or sanitary facilities, or inadequate staffing levels.

The Library may close in situations where the Police and/or Fire Departments or government officials feel it is necessary due to concern for public safety or the safety of Library staff.

The decision to close and will be based upon:

  • General conditions of roads and Library parking lot and walkways in consultation with the Village of Menomonee Falls and other resources.
  • Availability of staff to open and operate the Library.
  • Requested or required closure by local, state or federal agencies.
  • General health/safety emergency in the community or area surrounding the Library.

Conditions Warranting Limited Services

In the event of a pandemic, local emergency, or other similar circumstance, it may be necessary for the Library to take unique measures to help slow the spread of an illness or assist local agencies.  This may include but is not limited to service restrictions or limited hours of operation. Services and hours may be reduced.  

The decision to close and reopen for all or a portion of the regularly scheduled hours will be made by the Library Director or their designee.

Closings will be announced to the public using public news channels, social media, and signage.