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Fines, Fees, and Notices

Chapter: Circulation
Policy Number: 2.04
Original Effective Date: 5/16
Revision History: 12/16/20, 6/16/21

Fines and Fees


The fine for most overdue items is $0.10 per day, with a maximum fine per item of $10.00. The following exceptions apply: The fine for Explore Passes is $50.00 per day, with a maximum fine per item of $500.00

Replacement Costs

Damaged or lost Library materials will be charged the list price as the replacement cost.

If an individual part of an item is lost or damaged, and a replacement part is available, charges will be based on the cost of the replacement part.

It is the responsibility of the patron to take care of all the materials checked out to them and/or their minor children. Should an item become damaged or does not play properly, please report the problem to the circulation desk.

Should damage be noted after an item is returned, the patron is responsible for the replacement charges.

Please note: Once a lost item is paid for, the material becomes the property of the cardholder. No refunds will be given.

Replacement of a lost/stolen Library card: $1.00

Payment Method

Patrons can pay fines and fees via cash, checks for charges greater than $2.00, and via credit card for charges greater than $5.00 through the catalog.

Blocked Cards

The maximum fine/fee allowed on a Library card before it is blocked is $5.00.  If a card is blocked, it cannot be used to check out materials or access the Internet.


Notices are sent according to patron preference of email, phone, text or postal mail. Not all notice types can be sent in all formats. Notices do not apply to electronic materials through Overdrive/Libby. To choose an option, notify the circulation desk in person or log into your account through the Library catalog. Failure to receive a notice for any reason does not remove the responsibility to return items promptly and pay fines or fees.

Notices are sent via email or text at approximately 7:30 AM, 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM.

Phone notification is done Monday-Thursday, 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM and Friday and Saturday, 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Mailed notices are printed once a day on weekdays.

Notices Timeline

The following notices will be sent to prevent items from becoming overdue or to encourage their return:

  • 2 days BEFORE due
    • The Library will send a courtesy notice to those who have selected the notification option of email or text.
  • 7 days past due
    • The Library sends an overdue notice via email, phone, text or postal mail, depending on the selected notification option.
  • 28 days past due
    • Items are marked as lost and the patron’s account is billed with the replacement cost and processing fee for the item. A printed bill is mailed.
  • 41 days past due
    • An account with replacement costs of $25.00 or more OR an account with replacement costs and fines or fees totaling $25.00 or more is sent to a service for materials recovery. A non-refundable service charge of $20.00 is charged to the account. The recovery service will contact the patron to request the return of overdue materials and payment of all outstanding fees.
    • Over the next 120 days, the recovery service will encourage the return and pay-off of the account with a series of phone calls and letters.

Hold Notice

A hold notice is sent once an item is available for pick up. The notice will state the final day the item may be picked up.  If an item is not picked up by day 5, a second notice is sent. Hold notices can be sent via email, phone, text or postal mail.

Due Date Reminder Notice

A reminder notice will be sent via email or text two days before the item is due. Patrons may try to renew the title.  Renewals can be done in person, by phone, via email or through the catalog. Not all items can be renewed.

Overdue Notice

If an item is 7 days late, an overdue notice is sent via email, phone, text or mail.  If items are needed longer, renewals can be attempted.  Not all items can be renewed.

Bill Notice

Should anything get to the billing stage, a notice is sent by postal mail.  The Library card cannot be used until the matter is resolved.  Billed items may be returned and replacement charges will be waived.  Any late fees will still apply. If material(s) are not returned within 13 days after the notice is sent, the account will be sent to a service for materials recovery and charged an additional $20.00 fee. Damaged items must be paid for.

Missing Part Notice

If an item is returned missing a part or piece, the patron will be notified via email, text or phone.  Email and text notification is sent within two days.  Phone calls may take up to four days. Messages cannot be left with the title of the item.  Due to privacy laws, staff must speak directly to the cardholder. Staff may disclose account information to custodial parents/legal guardians of minor children under age 16.

Fine Notice

If a fine of $4.99 or greater is accrued, a notice will be sent by email after 14 days.

Card Expiration Notice

A courtesy notice will be sent via email 14 days before an account will expire.