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Library Card Usage

Chapter: Circulation
Policy Number: 2.02
Original Effective Date: 5/16
Revision History: 12/16/20, 6/16/21

Your own Library card in physical or digital format should be presented each time materials are borrowed. If you do not have your card, the Library will make an exception up to three times per rolling year if photo ID is shown. Patrons picking up holds for another person must present the card of the patron who has materials on hold. Children (under 18 years of age) may provide their name, address, phone number and date of birth in lieu of a photo ID. After the third exception, a patron will need to locate their card or purchase a replacement card.

Change of Contact Information

It is the patron’s responsibility to inform the Library when their contact information (mailing address, telephone number, email address, or mobile phone carrier) changes so they may be contacted regarding information about their Library account. A patron who does not receive a Library notice because they have not notified the Library of the change will still be held responsible for any resulting fines or fees.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Please notify the Library immediately if a card is lost or stolen or if there is unauthorized use of the card.  Upon notification, the card will be suspended.

If the cardholder or cardholder’s legal guardian notifies the Library before the Library sends the first overdue notice or within 21 days of the first notice, all fees and fines for unauthorized checkouts will be waived.

If the Library is not notified within 21 days of the Library’s first overdue notice, the cardholder or cardholder’s legal guardian is responsible for up to $50 in fines and/or fees.

Expired Cards

To ensure the accuracy and integrity of the database, Library cards expire every 18 months.  A valid photo ID and proof of current residence is required to update the card.

Patron accounts will be removed from the database pursuant to the following guidelines:

3 years after expiration, inactive patron accounts with no outstanding charges other than overdue fees are deleted.

5 years after expiration, inactive patron accounts that have unpaid replacement charges on them but have not been sent to materials recovery will be deleted.

7 years after date of referral to materials recovery, inactive patron accounts are deleted.

Patrons must reapply for a card if their previous card was removed from the database. A valid photo ID and proof of current residence is required.


Patrons may be denied circulation privileges and services on either a comprehensive or selective basis to any individual who has been deemed to violate certain rules and regulations of the Library. Examples of violation of regulations include but are not limited to: destruction of Library property, returning Library materials in a condition that is unsuitable for return to the collection (i.e. bedbugs, excessive smoke smell or burns), or behavior that is harmful to the library patrons, staff, collections, et cetera. The Library reserves the right to require documentation before reinstating circulation privileges (i.e. proof of extermination services).