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Donations and Gifts

Chapter: Collection Development
Policy Number: 4.02
Original Effective Date: 5/17/18

Revision History: 9/15/21

Menomonee Falls Public Library is pleased to accept donations and gifts. The Library has the right to utilize donations and gifts in whatever way best benefits the collection and services of the Library. There is no obligation for the Library to retain ownership of —and, in some cases, accept—gifts and donations.

Donation of Library Materials

Donations of materials are gratefully received with the understanding that the Library may add them to the collection if they meet established standards for purchased materials, with emphasis on currency, physical condition, and need. All donations added to the collection must be available for public use.  Materials donated to the Library, whether added to the collection or not, become the property of the Library and cannot be returned to the donor. The Library Director is authorized to determine guidelines for materials that may or may not be accepted at any given time.

If a donation is received which, after evaluation, cannot be used by the Library, one of the following options will apply: added to the Library’s Book Sale, given to other educational or social service institutions, or disposed of in any other manner deemed appropriate.

The Library cannot place a monetary value on gifts for tax purposes, but receipts are provided upon request.

Guidelines regarding the donation of rare, local, or historical material can be found in the Maude Shunk Local History Special Collections Management Policy.

Menomonee Falls Public Library appreciates local authors who are willing to support the Library by donating their works. The Library does not purchase unsolicited materials. Whenever possible, the Library wishes to recognize the literary efforts of local authors by including their works in the collection. Works must meet the selection criteria and standards as detailed in the Library’s Collection Development Policy.

Donation of Non-Library Items

Gifts of non-Library items such as paintings, portraits, or art objects ordinarily will not be accepted. If accepted, the item becomes the property of the Library, and will not be returned to the donor. There is no obligation for the Library to retain ownership of the item.

The Library generally accepts donations of other materials such as supplies for programs, materials for The Forge, gift cards for programs and events, and more.

Monetary Gifts

Monetary gifts are always welcome and may be designated as memorials.  When monetary gifts are intended for the purchase of materials or supplies, Library staff will make the determination of what to buy, using the same criteria as for all other purchases. Donors are welcome to specify a general preference for the allocation of their donation, but final decision rests with the Library to determine the most appropriate use of the funds. Planned giving and endowments are accepted as well.