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Makerspace Policy

Chapter: Services
Policy Number: 3.07
Original Effective Date: 2/18/21
Revision History: 7/21/21


Come make things in The Forge!  The makerspace, also known as The Forge, extends its commitment to Menomonee Falls Public Library’s Vision: to Explore, Learn, Grow, and Connect by providing open access to a variety of equipment and materials, and by offering classes and programs for guided exploration. The Forge is designed for hands-on creativity. 

Usage Guidelines

Users of the Makerspace (“Makers”) under the age of 14 must be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian to ensure the responsible use of the facility, unless attending a Library program.  Equipment age restrictions will be identified in the usage guidelines for each piece of equipment.

The Forge is usually open for individual use when the Library is open until 30 minutes before the Library closes. Exceptions are when the room is being used for a Library-sponsored class or event or for maintenance and cleaning. The Forge is open for public use. Individual Makers may not request to exclusively use the space.

Equipment and tools in the Makerspace are available at no charge to community members. Staff may request a Maker’s name, contact information, and—in some cases—age, to record usage or provide access to equipment in the room. Supplies are available on a donation-based structure. The Library reserves the right to charge for any supplies in the room.

The total number of individuals in The Forge at one time may be limited.

Library staff is available for basic assistance only.

General Conditions of Use

  • Follow all safety guidelines and report any unsafe behavior, injuries, or malfunctioning equipment to Library staff immediately
  • Properly clean all supplies, and equipment, and the work area after use; Return supplies and equipment to their proper storage location
  • No horseplay, startling, or distracting anyone while using a tool or equipment
  • All makers must respect the intellectual property of others and U.S. Copyright laws and cannot create anything for commercial, business, or resale purposes
  • Anything unlawful, dangerous, obscene, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate for the Library environment cannot be created
  • Makers must pay any supply fees prior to using the Makerspace equipment. If not paid, Library staff reserve the right to refuse service/or keep any items for non-payment.
  • Approval to use the Forge does not constitute endorsement by the Library of the uses to which the space is put or the products produced therein
  • Users of the room and its equipment are fully aware that participation may result in risk of personal injury or harm. Users of the room and its equipment release the Library, The Village, its employees, volunteers, committees, and board, from and against any and all liability, loss, damages, claims, or actions (including costs and attorney’s fees) for bodily injury and/or property damage, to the extent permissible by law.
  • Makers may lose equipment access or access to The Forge if they:
    • Cause the equipment to be out of service
    • Do not follow usage/safety guidelines
    • Repeatedly reserve equipment but do not show up or arrive more than 15 minutes late

Equipment Use

Some equipment requires the Maker to complete training before use. Makers may not use these pieces of equipment without training.

When using equipment, the Maker certifies that they are capable of using the equipment in a safe and proper manner. The Maker must follow any safety guidelines listed on the equipment’s usage sheet.

Equipment and supplies may not be removed from The Forge without Library approval.

The Library is not responsible for any defects or the quality of any of the equipment in the Forge. If any of the equipment begins to act in an incorrect or unsafe manner, the Maker must immediately discontinue use and notify Library staff. If Maker notices any damage to the equipment, notify a Staff member and ask approval before use.

Equipment borrowed must be returned in the same condition as issued, barring normal wear and tear such as scratches or wear on the outside of the equipment from use.  Makers (or their parents/guardians) agree to pay for the loss of or damage to any items due to misuse or non-compliance with specified instructions.

Priority for Use of Equipment in The Forge

  1. Library staff or scheduled programs or training
  2. Individuals who have made a reservation for a specific date/time
  3. Walk-ins, based upon availability