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Meeting Space Policy

Chapter: Services
Policy Number: 3.06
Original Effective Date: 
Revision History: 8/18/21

Meeting Spaces

The Library’s meeting spaces are primarily intended for programs sponsored or co-sponsored by the Library. When not needed for Library or Village of Menomonee Falls activities, the meeting spaces are available during normal Library hours of operation on a limited basis at no charge to those who meet eligibility requirements.

The Library Board subscribes to the tenets of the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights which states, “Libraries which make exhibit and meeting spaces available to the public they serve should make such facilities available on an equitable basis, regardless of the belief or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.”

Space Eligibility

Eligible groups include federal, state, or local government agencies; local community organizations or clubs; and non-profit, civic, charitable, or service organizations based in Waukesha County or serving Waukesha County residents. The spaces may be used for meetings or programs of informational, educational, cultural, civic, charitable, or recreational nature in keeping with the mission of the Library. Organizations may be required to provide proof of address and/or service to Waukesha County. Non-profit status verification may also be requested.

For-profit businesses or organizations based in the Village of Menomonee Falls may reserve space only for the purpose of staff education, employee recruitment, or evaluation. 

Attorney consultations or legal depositions may be allowed.

Each group is limited to booking one meeting space date per 30 days.

Prohibited Use

Meeting spaces may not be used for private social functions. Meeting spaces may not be used for commercial purposes. Programs whose purpose is the sale, advertising, or promotion of products or services or includes selling a product or service are not allowed. No sale of goods or services or the sale or solicitation for future sales or services is permitted. This includes the collection of free-will offerings. Events where admission fees are charged by a group or individual are strictly prohibited. Exceptions may be made for Library fundraising or events held by the Menomonee Falls Library Friends. Meeting spaces may not be used for political campaigning.

Reserving a Space

An authorized representative at least 18 years of age may make a request to reserve a specific space for a specified period through the Library website. If the requester is unable to use the online reservation software, Library staff can assist with the request.The Library Director is responsible for determining procedures for responding to room reservation requests. The requesting individual shall attend the meeting and be personally responsible for the conduct at the meeting and for any damages to the facility. Groups must notify the Library as soon as possible to cancel a reservation. Failure to provide notice of cancellation may result in denial of future requests. The Library reserves the right to change the designated space, even if the space request has already been approved.

The Library reserves the right to deny or cancel use of a meeting space for reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Space is required for Library or Village use
  • Any purpose which, in the opinion of the Library Director and/or Library Board, interferes with the normal use of the Library, including those that may likely be unreasonably disruptive to regular Library functions
  • Events that may pose a risk of injury, disruption, danger, or liability to the Library or the Village of Menomonee Falls, their elected or appointed officials, officers, employees, authorized representatives, volunteers, or patrons
  • Events that may in any way be inconsistent with or in violation of any of the terms and conditions of this policy or other Library policies
  • The group has previously abused or damaged the facility, violated a rule, or has misrepresented the purpose of the organization or meeting to be held at the Library

Use of Library Multimedia Equipment

Patron-owned multimedia equipment may be used in any meeting space.

Training is required to use Library-owned multimedia equipment.  Training must be scheduled at least two weeks prior to the scheduled space use. The trained individual must present their Library card or valid photo ID to gain access to the multimedia equipment.

Capacity and Facilities

Each space has a maximum seating capacity, with a fire code maximum.  Chairs and tables are available for groups to set up to meet their individual needs. Library staff are unable to assist with the moving of any furniture. Groups are responsible for ensuring attendance at meetings does not exceed capacity or prohibit accessibility. When the meeting is concluded, the space must be cleaned and all furniture returned to its original position.

Room Use Regulations

  • Participants must adhere to all Library rules, regulations, and policies.
  • The Library reserves the right to enforce fire codes, Americans with Disabilities Act compliance, noise limitations, or any other rule approved by the Library Board. 
  • Meetings and related activities must be open to all interested members of the public, with the exception of attorney consultations and business/organization training, recruitment or evaluation.
  • Meeting spaces may be reserved during any hour the Library is open, unless the meeting space is already in use.
  • The organization must check in to gain access to the space and check out before leaving.
  • Spaces must be vacated at least 15 minutes before the Library closes.
  • The fact that a group is permitted to meet at the Library does not, in any way, constitute an endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs.
    • Announcements, press releases, flyers, etc., should clearly indicate the Library is a meeting location only and not the address of the organization.
    • A group may not use the Library’s phone number or e-mail as a contact for program information.
    • The Library may not be listed as a sponsor of an event without prior approval from the Library Director.
    • Copies of any activity/announcement should be sent to the Library Business Manager.
  • The Library does not provide storage space before or after meetings.
  • Displays, signs, or decoration should not be taped or fixed to any walls, doors, or windows.
  • Candles or other open flames are prohibited.
  • Coffee, tea, and/or light-colored beverages may be served. In the event of a spill, notify a staff member immediately. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  • Library staff may enter the meeting space at any time during the scheduled meeting.
  • Minors using meeting spaces must be supervised by a responsible adult.
  • The application and scheduling records maintained by the Library are public records for the purpose of Wisconsin’s Public Records Law in subchapter II of Chapter 19 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

Responsibility of Individuals and Groups using a Library Meeting Space

Any person or group reserving a meeting room space shall be responsible, jointly and severally, for reasonable care of the space and its furnishings and equipment and shall pay for any damage caused or inflicted by an organization, its members, affiliated persons, guests, invitees, or anyone attending the event. In addition to any other penalty or remedy, if any organization refuses to pay for damage, the matter will be referred to the Village Attorney for legal action.

Any person or group reserving a meeting room space shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Village of Menomonee Falls and Menomonee Falls Public Library and its representatives, including staff and trustees, against any demands, claims or legal proceedings (including attorney’s fees) related in any way to the person or group’s reservation or use of the Library’s meeting spaces unless caused by the willful misconduct of the Village of Menomonee Falls and/or Menomonee Falls Public Library or its representatives.

Any legal expenses or costs incurred by the Village of Menomonee Falls related to the enforcement of any provision of this policy shall be reimbursed by the person or group against whom the policy is enforced.  


For the purposes of this section, pursuant to Wisconsin Statute Section 68.16, the Menomonee Falls Public Library is specifically electing not to be governed by Chapter 68 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

The Library Director or designee shall notify applicants whose applications are denied or cancelled and the reasons for such denial or cancellation via email.  Within 30 days of the notification of denial or cancellation, the applicant may appeal the denial or cancellation to the Library Director by submitting in writing the basis for the appeal.

Within seven days of receiving the appeal, the Library Director shall review the request and send a written response to the appellant with a decision. The response will also inform the appellant that, if desired, the appeal will be forwarded to the Library Board. The Library Director also has the option to immediately forward the appeal to the Library Board for review. 

If a Library Board review is requested, the Board shall consider the appeal at a duly noticed meeting and shall notify the appellant of its decision in written form.