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Program Rules

Arrive on time

Important instructions are given and introductions are shared at the start of all programs. If you are late, you miss the foundation of the program. Additionally, tardy arrival often causes a disruption and distracts your friends and neighbors.

Avoid disruptive behavior

We all have bad days. Talking, crying, tantrums, toys, and food often attract the attention of the other children in addition to making reading, listening, and participating nearly impossible. Please step outside of the youth program room immediately if your infant or child begins to engage in disruptive behavior. [You are warmly welcome to return to the program when all is calm.] Adults, please make sure you’ve silenced your electronic devices and have put your reading material away for the duration of the program.

Follow along

Even some of the most outgoing children will follow the example of a reserved parent. Library programs are judgment-free zones, so please feel encouraged when asked to stand, dance, and sing along. Remember, you set the tone and pace for learning, and your children will enjoy themselves much more if their caregivers are playing along! Model the techniques used in library programming at home for added advantage and fun!

Read carefully

We provide dynamic and varied programming for children of all ages, and we’re constantly adding new options for you and your family. To insure the best fit for you and your child, be sure to read over the program description and requirements with care. Age ranges are deliberately chosen to correspond with the activities involved. Have questions? Please ask, as we’re happy to help!

Explain the rules & expectations

Talking with your child about library story time prior to and after attending library programming helps children feel comfortable and prepared for the library experience. Discuss the activities they’ll participate in, discuss your own role, and ask questions about acceptable behavior.