Sewing & Textiles

  • Sewing Area
  • Textiles Area

Sewing Area

When using equipment, the Maker certifies they are capable of using the equipment in a safe and proper manner.  The Maker must follow any safety guidelines listed on the equipment’s usage sheet.

Some equipment may require training before use.


  • Kenmore Model 1207 ZigZag machine 
  • Janome Mod 100 computerized machine with 100 stitches including 5 one-step buttonholes (Badge Required)
  • Hand sewing equipment, pins, needles, some thread (black and white)
  • Some quilting supplies
  • Some patterns
  • Tables for cutting patterns
  • Some fabric
  • Left and Right handed fabric scissors


All the supplies that we have are in the bin(s) marked Sewing.

There are bobbins wound in white and black.  Patrons are free to wind additional bobbins with their selected color.  Please do not remove bobbins from the sewing area.

Patrons are welcome to use the supplies available.

Some patterns are available in the box marked patterns.

Donations of excess supplies or monetary donations are always appreciated.


Each sewing machine has a user guide.  In the back of the user guide is a troubleshooting or problem guide. 

Staff may not be available to assist.

Textiles area

In the textiles areas there are various supplies for your creations.


  • Needlepoint supplies
  • Yarn
  • Felt
  • Crochet supplies
  • Knitting supplies

Reserving Equipment

Make sure the stuff you want to use is available during your visit to The Forge. Several items in The Forge can be reserved.