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Code of Conduct

Chapter: Services
Policy Number: 3.01
Original Effective Date: 7/21/21

Patrons are expected to follow the Code of Conduct at all times. Violation of these rules or any other deemed similar is misconduct that can result in expulsion and forfeiture of the use of the Library’s services on a temporary or permanent basis. Patrons who engage in disruptive behaviors which are deemed to be especially heinous may be permanently banned by Library administration. A written appeal of any ban lasting one year or longer may be made to the Library Board within 30 days after the formal notice of banning. The following behaviors and activities are examples, but not a complete list, of conduct not allowed on Library premises:

  • Any illegal activity, including committing or attempting to commit an activity that would constitute a crime or violation of ordinances
  • Bringing weapons of any kind into the Library, except those permitted by Village ordinance
  • Damaging, defacing, destroying, or stealing Library property or the property of other patrons
  • Carrying, consuming, or being under the influence of alcohol, drugs, and/or controlled substances
  • Harassing or threatening another person, hitting or being violent, swearing, shouting, raising one’s voice, or creating a disturbance
  • Following or stalking, leering or staring; photographing or taking video without Library approval
  • Inappropriate behavior towards staff or patrons, including sexual harassment
  • Engaging in any sexual contact, activities, or conduct, including viewing pornography
  • Loitering, interfering with free passage, or sleeping
  • Consuming food or drink in undesignated areas[1]
  • Panhandling, solicitation and canvassing[2]
  • Using restrooms for inappropriate purposes such as bathing or doing laundry
  • Smoking or use of any tobacco product in the Library building (including the enclosed patios) and on Village property. This includes “vaping” and use of e-cigarettes.
  • Bringing animals into the Library except for persons with disabilities defined by the ADA
  • Leaving children under the age of 10 unattended. See Safe Child Policy for more information.
  • Entering unauthorized areas or remaining in the Library after closing, when requested to leave during emergency situations, or when requested to leave due to behavior
  • Entering the Library without being fully clothed (upper and lower body clothing and footwear) or with bodily hygiene lacking to the point it constitutes a nuisance or health hazard to others
  • Trespassing on Library property by a banned individual

[1] Non-alcoholic drinks in spill-proof containers are permitted throughout the Library in most areas. Areas these are not permissible will be expressly marked. Dry, non-perishable snacks are permitted throughout the Library except around the library’s computers and technology or in other marked areas. Meals are permitted in the 2nd floor snack area and the patios. Food deliveries may only be received outside. Patrons are expected to clean up and dispose of all food waste, wrappers, et cetera in a designated garbage or recycle bin. Staff must be notified immediately of any spills. Unattended food and/or beverages will be discarded.

[2] Solicitation and canvassing of the public or staff is strictly prohibited on the premises of the Library. Soliciting is defined as the sale or distribution of informational materials, merchandise, tickets, political campaign material, or anything not connected with the work of the library. Canvassing is defined as petitioning or distributing written materials or soliciting for political, charitable, or political purposes.