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Safe Child Policy

Chapter: Services
Policy Number 3.02
Original Effective Date: 9/16/20
Revision History: 7/21/21

The Menomonee Falls Public Library welcomes children to use its facilities and services.  The safety and behavior of children in the Library rests on the parents or legal guardians, whether or not a parent is present. Certain areas, spaces, and equipment within the Library may have age restrictions or policies requiring supervision of minors by an adult parent or guardian.

Children under 10

Children under the age of 10 must be under the supervision of a parent, another responsible adult, or caregiver (age 14 or older) at all times in the Library. During storytimes or other Library programs, caregivers who do not attend the program with the child must remain in the building and must be visible when the program is over.Children 5 and under must have a parent within visibility to them at all times.

Children 10 and up

Children 10 and up are welcome to use the Library unattended as long as their behavior is in accordance with Library policies. Unattended children must have contact information to be able to reach a parent, legal guardian, or caregiver immediately if need arises.


All children are subject to the Code of Conduct, copies of which are posted throughout the Library. Library staff will intervene when a child is violating Library rules.

No public place, including the Library, can guarantee the safety of children. Parents are responsible for their behavior. If a child becomes anxious or disruptive the staff will attempt to find the parent or caregiver in the Library. If they are not available the staff will ask the child to attempt to contact their parent. It is the responsibility of the parent or caregiver to be accessible to pick up the child at any time.

15 minutes before closing the Library on any normal day or in an emergency, staff members will reach out to minors in the building and ask them to confirm that they do have a method to get home safely before closing. If a parent or caregiver cannot be reached by the time the Library closes, the police department will be asked if they can assist the staff in helping to get the child home safely.

Children’s Area

The children’s area of the Library is specifically designed to meet the needs of children. The Library reserves to right to restrict certain resources within the children’s area, such as its computers, for use only by children and their parents, guardians, or caregivers, barring extenuating circumstances.